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Free App Day + Bonus $1.28 [19/Feb]: A Bird's Journey

Tonight you play the main role of "A Bird's Journey" and dream to fly around the world through theatrical scenes. Learn to flap your tiny wings saving your energy and avoiding boats on your way. Fortunately you can count on your friend the whale to help you and on bonus items you can grab like energy hearts.

Fly as far as possible and reach glory by completing your theatrical play and receiving a standing ovation!

Bonus: Today the ad-free version of A Bird's Journey  drops from $1.28 to FREE!

A Bird's Journey Highlights:
  • "One button" gameplay: very simple to learn but really skillful. 
  • Different scenes/levels with unique look and ambiance. 
  • XP system to improve your bird skills. 
  • Many bonus to unlock like an aviator helmet, energy items or speed boosts. 
  • "Paper theater" style graphics with high definition support.
  • Many achievements to complete.
Download: A Bird's Journey
Developer: Salad Gamer

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