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Candy Crush Saga Cheats Guide - Level 88

Candy Crush Saga Level 88 is the eighth level in Bubblegum Bridge. To pass this level, you should clear 18 jelly squares and aim for at least 50,000 points in 40 moves. It is the eighty-eighth level of Candy Crush Saga and the forty-sixth jelly level of Candy Crush Saga. When you have extra moves left in this level, Jelly Fish will help you eat candies and give you extra points.

Cheat 1:
This level can be frustrating. Do not detonate any striped candies until after all the swirls have been eliminated. When you see possible moves in the isolated squares, go for it, especially at the top where it is very hard to use striped candies to clear it. Do not produce any wrapped candies as they do nothing in this game and may disrupt your plan. Do it only if you have the confidence to combine striped candy with wrapped candy.

Cheat 2: For level 88 you will see 2 columns of liquorice on either side of the grid. To beat this we suggest that you focus on one side of the board at first. The reason for this is because the liquorice begins to invade the central grid and taking on both sides will just mean more liquorice. Hopefully you can generate enough early special candies in order to clear the majority of the liquorice and eventually jelly.

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