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Disney Princesses as Final Fantasy Characters [Image]


Deviantart user Geryes created these beautiful alternate version of Disney princesses inspiring himself from classic Final Fantasy characters. You can check ‘em all out in the picture gallery below.

Cinderella - Paladin - Artwork: Geryes Merida - Archer - Artwork: Geryes Belle - Beastmaster - Artwork: Geryes Snow White - White Mage - Artwork: Geryes Aurora - Black Mage - Artwork: Geryes Jasmine - Summoner - Artwork: Geryes Ariel - Red Mage - Artwork: Geryes Kida - Dark Knight - Artwork: Geryes Mulan - Monk - Artwork: Geryes Pocahontas - Warrior - Artwork: Geryes Rapunzel - Thief - Artwork: Geryes Tiana - Lancer - Artwork: Geryes

[Source: Geryes on Deviantart | Via FG]

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