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Coca-Cola no longer the world's most valuable brand, replaced by Apple

"Things go better with Coca-Cola" went the old slogan, but as of a closely watched annual report by Interbrand (via the New York Times) issued on Monday, not as good as with Apple.

Reportedly, for the first time in the history of the ranking, Coca-Cola has been dethroned as the world's most valuable brand. It's not even 2nd. Instead, both Apple (1st) and Google (2nd) are ahead of it.

Here are the top five valued brands, according to Interbrand's report:
  1. Apple $98.3 billion
  2. Google $93.3 billion
  3. Coca-Cola $79.2 billion
  4. IBM $78.8 billion
  5. Microsoft $59.5 billion
In last year's report, Apple was 2nd, Google was 4th, while IBM was 3rd and Microsoft was 5th.