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List Of Best Adventure Android Games All Time (Free + Paid Collection)

These are the best Android games you may install on your android device for the best gaming experience on the go. These Android games are hand selected, and the list will be updated frequently. Check back often!
Best Adventure Android Games All Time (Free + Paid Collection)

Canabalt HD is a simple, addictive and literally endless game. This is a conventional 2D runner game where you play as a man in a black suit, jump on the roofs of houses. Leap is tapom the screen and the more you push, the higher jump.

Our protagonist will have to run through the walls of the temple or by sheer cliffs, to save his life. Our protagonist must flee in haste from the destruction of the temple, going through all kinds of obstacles and along the most varied natural and beautiful landscapes.

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal features an innovative gameplay with hidden object, an intriguing story, splendid graphics to display complete, and more, making it a thrilling escape for the whole family.

The prince has to save the princes. You have to handle a gentleman that running, jumping up and from wall to wall, with his sword and shield must rescue the princess in this adventure game.

Pirates of the Caribbean is an interesting adventure game ​​for Android, inspired by the hit series starring Johnny Depp. You have to become a pirate and create your boat also form your own crew and embark on various expeditions around the tradition of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

You have to manage a small dragon, seeking revenge on the Count Dracula in this adventure game. The game features over 25 levels, customization and leveling the dragon level, and a large number of interesting amplifiers.

Tupsu-The Furry Little Monster : Tupsu – The little furry monster with multiple eyes that appears in physics-based levels where you have to figure out how to get to the other side. Tupu eye control, touch it and you release on an island to move. The game is quite interesting and complicated.
These Android games are hand selected, and the list will be updated frequently. Check back often!