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Microsoft Excel Interview Questions Series - Part 2 [Interview Question]

Microsoft Excel 2013 is one of the most powerful tools in office 2013 and a candidate having an overall awareness of excel 2013 is definitely a boon to a busy office. The questions on this section are written from the eyes of an interviews who want candidate with an overall awareness.

If you are preparing for an interview, it is advised to go through all questions and practical questions. Based on your current skill level you don’t even need to try simple questions. But there will be all kind of questions presented here.

Each article on Microsoft Excel Interview Questions Series contains 5 questions and its explanations. Some of them are just theory questions and some of them may be like a logical question. That needs to be implemented in real time. Questions from all areas of excel 2013 like formulas, VBA, macros, charts, templates; dashboards are covered here and tried to group by same nature. Sometimes questions are intermixed and no specific order is followed.

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Question 6: What is by val and by ref way of data handling?

Answer: When you use BYval mechanism, Visual Basic copies the value of the underlying programming element into a local variable in the procedure. You pass an argument by value by specifying the ByVal keyword for the corresponding parameter in the procedure definition. When you use Byref mechanism, Visual Basic gives the procedure a direct reference to the underlying programming element in the calling code.It means instead of passing the value , it passes the address location where the value is stored.You pass an argument by reference by specifying the ByRef keyword for the corresponding parameter in the procedure definition.

Question 7: What is application.volatile in excel macro. when to use it?

Answer: We can define functions and use it similar to the formula we are using. The functions a user defines according to his need is known as ‘User Defined Function’. by default, UDF will not get refreshed whenever there is a data change. To implement the ‘auto refresh’ functionality based on cell value change, we have to use this command.

Question 8: Is it good to use volatile functions. what are the disadvantages?

Answer: Though volatile function gives one interesting feature, It consume lot of memory to do this operation. So if we use this feature heavily on excel, performance may be compromised. Based on our need we have to make a decision on ‘volatile’ function.

Question 9: What is an oops language is VBA opps language?

Answer: OOPS language stands for “object oriented programming languages. OOPS languages posses some properties like code re usability , polymorphism etc.Yes . VBA is an oops language and all the features of OOPS are available to VBA also. Code re usability, poly morphism are few of the OOPS properties that VBA posses.

Question 10: What is a variant in VBA?

Answer: Variant is a data-type which can hold any kind of data-type. For example , a variant act as a string type , if a string is assigned to it. , a variant act as an integer, if an integer is assigned to it. Variant can act as an array also. That is why we use variants to hold values when we split the strings in to words.

Microsoft Excel Interview Questions Series

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