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WordPress iOS App Updated with New Options

Since its introduction into the app world, WordPress has been constantly releasing updates in order to inculcate ultimate satisfaction for its consumers. This time around, they’ve introduced a highly refined Notifications feature in their app.

WordPress, the blogging tool and content management system, has aided many a blogger in creating a successful, unique platform to express their thoughts and ideas. Boasting of millions of users on their computer platform alone, with its optimization for Smartphones, WordPress has gained an even wider fan base with the world’s bloggers completely hooked on to it.

Its introduction into the app world has made it highly convenient for bloggers to post on the move, without always having to wait till they gain accessibility to a computer. It even allows one to manage multiple blogs at once.

Their previous apps for iOS, covered most of its basic functionality features and as of recently, they’re concentrating upon refining the said features, and introducing a couple of additional enhancements, too.

Their last update (Version 3.3) saw them inculcating the in-app-Sounds feature, wherein background sounds could be heard upon accessing various elements in the WordPress app.

This time with their latest iOS app update (Versions 3.4), WordPress has refined their Notifications feature by now allowing us to stay in the know if any updates are available whether they’re comments, stats, posts, badges, likes, or even if you have any new followers.

Earlier this feature used to only adhere to comments, but with their latest additions, WordPress now makes it all the more easier for its consumers to use the app.

With this update one can now,
  • Read comments, like them, and even reply to them.
  • With the inclusion of Comment Moderation in their latest update, one can now approve or
  • decline certain comments, before they’re displayed on the page.
  • Enables you to stay updated on the activities in and around your blog, all the time.
  • Access your list of followers, view those who’ve added you recently, or even follow them or others.
  • Avail the latest stats
  • View your posts, and also acquire a list of those who’ve liked them.
  • By fixing earlier issues with WordPress, one can now retain their offline drafts without having to worry over losing them.
  • Those who’ve connected their app to several of their own blogs can now attain accurate stats for the various sites that they’re a part of.

One has the freedom to customize this feature, by accessing Settings. Through this, one can turn off or turn on certain elements, depending upon their preferences or interests. Also, as this app supports several blogs, one can customize the notifications feature individually, and even silence an entire blog whenever required.
WordPress is forever encouraging their consumers to post suggestions or complaints, and they always assure to take them seriously. Their persistence to constantly update their services is proof of their dedication towards their audience. With their latest array of enhancements and the promise to keep doing better, WordPress continues to please their consumers in every way possible.

This is a guest post by Sofia Fern. She is a guest writer from, a site that offers information about digital cable and high speed internet.