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Convert PDFs on iPhone, iPad and Android Devices Truly Free

Mobile productivity addicts are constantly looking for new applications that will enable them to complete actions usually reserved for the desktop on their mobile devices. Those who have been looking for a fast and accurate mobile application for converting files to and from PDF can now rejoice., the developer of the first truly cross-platform PDF Converter Able2Extract 8, has just released three great, lightweight and completely free mobile PDF converter apps.

These three new mobile applications, Able2Extract, Able2Doc and Sonic PDF Creator, are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

  • Able2Extract PDF Converters enables users to convert PDFs to and from Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Text documents while retaining the quality and format of the original document.
  • Able2Doc PDF to Word Converter allows mobile users to quickly create Word files from PDFs on-the-go, giving them high-quality conversions that retain the form of the original PDFs perfectly.
  • Sonic PDF Creator Mobile gives users the option of creating PDFs out of a variety of MS Office document types such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

All three applications are very intuitive and easy to use. Simply access the file you want converted, whether it is stored in an email, a cloud storage service or anywhere else online, send it to the mobile app you want to use, and perform the conversion.

Once your file is converted, you will have it saved in the app, after which you will be able to share it, store it, view it, or simply delete it from the list when you no longer need it.

Here’s how each of these apps work, in a bit more detail.

1. Locate the file you want to convert. (Most users will access attached files from their mobile email accounts or through cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive)

2. Long press on the file in order to receive an Open file dialog, and then choose to open the file with the appropriate app.

The conversion will then start automatically.

It is interesting to note that the conversion is being done online, using Investintech’s servers. This is what makes the app very lightweight and enables users to perform many conversions without burning through their mobile device’s battery life.

Once the conversion is completed, the file will be present in the app list. You can now share, store, view or delete the files as you wish.
  • Simply tap the file from within the app’s file list to open and view it.
  • Tap on the Share icon to choose from any one of the sharing services on your phone to send the file or store it online.
  • Or tap on the Delete button under the file’s name and then confirm the deletion in order to take the file off your list permanently.
If you are concerned about privacy issues related to performing online conversions, don’t fret – all converted files are deleted from Investintech’s servers after a period of 24 hours.

With these great new mobile pdf apps from Investintech, fast, high-quality and absolutely free mobile PDF conversions or only a couple of screen taps away.