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TomTom Navigational App for iOS - Review

The navigational iPhone app from TomTom has made headlines within days after its release. This app has earned a good reputation by providing accurate navigation and having an informative display. The additional in-app purchases like celebrity voices and High Definition traffic plug-ins have added value to this app. TomTom Navigational app is competed by Magellan and Navigon. Will TomTom be a tough competitor for the popular and number one navigational free app Google Maps? Well, time holds the answer to this question.

The Pros of TomTom:
Accurate routing
Informative display
Clear voice prompts
Traffic plug-in (HD)

The Cons of TomTom:
Cluttered POI search 
Removal of “Google Local” access
Numbered map graphics
Choppy animation
Tough exit

POI Search and User Interface
The main menu of this app appears within fraction of a second after you login. The main menu has the entire list with, which you can navigate to various options including destination, modifying route options, browsing maps, planning multi-segment routes and changing settings. A gentle tap on the “Navigate To” button will open doors to your favorites: particular street addresses, recent destinations and more. Direct navigation is possible for options like contact addresses, coordinates, tagged photo locations and specific points on a map. Entering a street address can never be made any simpler than this. You can easily feed in the data and the next minute you will have the location appearing on the screen.

POI searching can also be done with ease. However, this app has a cluttered POI search, which does not look all so great. Hardware stores, grocery stores, bodegas, electronic stores and others have all been crowded under a single category. The absence of Google Local Search features has been disabled. This makes it hard for you to go around the internal database of the POI. This is one major mistake that is committed in this app.

While on the road, this app comes handy but definitely less attractive. But, the app does not lag behind in displaying exact details. The lower end on the screen is home to all kinds of real-time data. You can get information related to the current street, the very next turn, distance of the place you are driving to, current speed, speed limit on the road, distance remaining and arrival time. You also have access to lane assistance in 3D, which guides you in highway interchanges. However, the screen is slightly blurry giving that extra strain to your eyes.

The word on the tech front is that the TomTom app’s performance is up to the mark and can be recommended. The arrival times and other data match to the real-time data, which is largely appreciated. This app also allows you to download “Map Share” updates every day from your iPhone. This app has been wisely designed to match the present road conditions.

The High Definition traffic plug-in is a blessing in disguise. A bar appears on the right corner of the screen representing traffic conditions and reads out traffic updates frequently. It delivers accurate information and can be added for an additional cost of just $15.99 a year. It is worth spending on an amazing travelling partner.

All said, there is no denial that this app is a solid one except for its old appearance, cluttered POI searches and absence of “Google Local” search.

This is a guest post by Sofia Fern. She is a guest writer from, a site that offers information about digital cable and high speed internet.