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Eat em All - Free puzzle and brain game: App Review

Aliens landed Earth, destroying everything in front and found to colonize the place, yet left no heirs with eggs from another planet. But the population of Troop Land will not let cheap: the friendly blue marbles decided to devour the invaders.

That's the crazy story of Eat 'em All, a game of logic and reasoning based on screen touches reminiscent of the classic Pac-Man. In the challenges, you should eat all the eggs scenario tracing straight lines that can not be repeated until the end of phase (ie, you can not do the same way twice).

Best Entertainment and Game Award Wining Android Game 

Now available on Google Play Download Link:

Eat em all is a FREE addictive brain and puzzle game.
Alien Invasion!! Troop Land was attacked by aliens. They have laid "Alien Eggs" everywhere in the village and left. Recently alien babies started to come out of the eggs and attacked the village again!!

The Troop Land is in danger now. Only one Troop can save Troop Land from this massive upcoming disaster. "Troopie The Hero and the Genius"

These eggs are laid in a pattern. Identify the pattern and help Troopie to save the Troop Land. Lead him to eat all the eggs and destroy them!!
  • Download Free Eat em all brain and puzzle game now.
  • Use different powers like, Thunder, Grenades, Timing Explosives, Flame and Bridges
  • Save the Troop Land from evil aliens.. Eat em All!
  • 8 Areas to explore in the Troopland
  • 72 challenging Levels
  • Thunder
  • Grenade
  • Timer Explosives
  • Flame
  • Bridge
With all above features Eat em All provides a Free rich Puzzle & Brain Game Experience to the user providing thrilling moments to use powers to destroy all the eggs.

Don't get stuck!! Don't Kill Troopie!!. Help Troopie to solve the puzzles. Try to collect all three stars at each level. You will be given a chance to buy Powers from stars you collect.

Achievements so far:
  • Best selling game on Samsung Apps September-2012
  • e-Swabimani National e-content awards nominee and Winner in e-Entertainment and Games category 2012
  • “Overall the game is very impressive and addictive, and by far the best Sri Lankan developed game that we have come across.. 5/5 ” - TechWIre
  • “A true masterpiece! Very addictive puzzle game with a average story, great music and impressive graphics.. 5/5 ” –Multimedia SoluVision
Enjoy this thrilling puzzle and brain game !!! Eat em All!!!!!