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Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note after too many pattern attempts

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note (Android Phone) that is locked after too many pattern attempts. I’ve seen the question so many times in the Google Mobile Help Forum that I felt that a post could help someone out.

Follow Some Simple workarounds to try before reading ahead:
  1. Try entering null as password. (together with your google username)
  2. Try entering your username without
  3. Combine 1 and 2
  4. Call yourself from another phone, answer, without hanging up press the home button, then menu button, settings, try to disable pattern-lock
  5. Call yourself from another phone, answer, hang-up, directly after hanging up start pressing your buttons like a madman for <30-60 seconds ending with your home button (might take a while to get the timing right). Go into settings and disable pattern-lock.
  6. Try the normal recover password routine from and start over from 1.
  7. Perform a factory reset. YOU WILL LOOSE all not-synced DATA (SD card will be left untouched).
NOTE: Step 1 to Step 6: Are possible workarounds, these doesn’t work for everyone but can be worth a try to avoid factory reset. Step 7: The factory reset always work

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy (note old Galaxy i7500, Galaxy S further down):
  1. Turn off your Galaxy.
  2. Hold volume_down+call+power button.
  3. After boot, press menu button to start recovering.
This is information I gathered from both here and there, manuals and end users.

Disclaimer: Follow all the instructions mentioned in this article as if there is any damage caused due to not following instructions then we shall not be held liable or responsible. Just in case if you face any issues then we will try our level best to address the same.

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