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How to install Clockworkmod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001 was an improvement of the original Galaxy S, addressing many of the issues of the Galaxy S series and bringing it up to par with its other smartphone rivals.
It comes with a solid stock ROM and stock recovery that makes proper use of its upgraded capabilities and tweaks. But, for the more technically inclined ones, using the device as it is out of the box is not enough. Tweaking our gadgets to suit our needs is something that we all want to do. The first step to the world of flashing different ROMs and various utility tools starts with installing a custom recovery.
ClockworkMod Recovery is a custom recovery and is an important tool to have installed on any Android device. Not only is it crucial in most custom ROM installations; it is also very useful if you’re in need of general operating system utilities, such as making a back-up of your existing settings, data, or even the operating system itself.
This guide shows you how to flash ClockworkMod Recovery for the Galaxy S Plus I9001.

The steps of installing Clockworkmod recovery on  Samsung Galaxy S Plus can be explained below:

Step 1:

Copy the zip file into the main folder of your internal sd card(Do not copy it inside any folder). Download the file from here. (you donot need to extract that zip file)

Step 2:

First switch off your mobile and then put your phone into recovery mode. Recovery mode can be accessed by plugging data cable and holding Volume Up button and Power button until it shows Samsung galaxy s plus logo. After then the android box will appear and then after press the MENU button(the first left touch button beside HOME button).

Step 3:

  1. Select install zip from sd card
  2. Choose
  3. Choose YES
  4. Choose Reboot system now
Congratulations, your phone is successfully installed with Clockworkmod Recovery.