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iCloud Vs Google Drive- Which Is Better?

We have entered the era of cloud storage. Basically cloud storage is a networked online storage system. The data is stored in virtual storage pools which are hosted by third party providers. Clients can make use of these to store their files. Several servers may be required to achieve this.
You can access the storage services in these ways: 
  1. Web based user interface,
  2. Cloud storage doorway or
  3. Web service API. 
These are the advantages of cloud storage:
  • Vast storage spaces and most of it for free 
  • Can be accessed through most web browsers 
  • File sharing is super easy 
  • You can access it on your mobile devices 
  • You can sync your photos, music, video and files you have across various devices. 
Though the concept has been around since the 1960s, it’s only in the past few years that cloud storage has burst into prominence, thanks to Apple’s iCloud. Most software bigwigs soon followed Apple into the cloud. Everyone in the tech world was waiting with thumping hearts to see how Apple’s biggest rival, Google, would counter iCloud. And now the wait is over! Google has come out with Google Drive - the cloud storage service. Let’s take a look at how they stand head to head. 

Apple iCloud
If you’re looking at seamless integration for backup of your precious info, iCloud wins hands down. The syncing is excellent with iCloud. Say you downloaded an e-book on your iPhone and opened it, but decided to switch to the bigger iPad screen. When you open the book on your iPAd, it will take you to the same page that was opened on your phone. Free Storage is 5GB and file size limit 25MB. Of course you can get more storage and upload bigger files with the paid service. The major drawback is that it can only be used for iOS devices. A 50GB storage price will cost you $100. You can also use iCloud for syncing third party iOS apps. You can backup from iWorks apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote. When you purchase storage, you get an additional 5GB storage free (mail and docs). Your last 1000 photos are stored in the Photo Stream for about a month for syncing. You can even store up to 25,000 music tracks that weren’t purchased through the iTunes Store.

Google Drive
The storage for the free account is the same; but for $60 you can get 100 GB of storage, and here it seriously wallops iCloud. At 10 GB, the file upload size limit is also much higher. Yes, 10 GB and it’s not a typo. When you purchase a storage pack, you get your Gmail account extended up to 25 GB, 1 GB free storage for photos in Picasa, and 20000 songs in Google music. Another edge Google Drive has is that it will soon be made available for iOS devices too. It can be synced with Google Docs, Search and other services from Google. Like iCloud, third party apps can be used for storage and synchronization. You can directly send faxes from the server, add photos to your mails or edit videos. Cool huh?

The Verdict
  • Flexibility and Pricing: This round goes to Google Drive - no two ways about it. 
  • File size allowance: Round two to Google 
  • Seamless integration and Syncing: Apple iCloud fights back 
  • Range of features: Google delivers the knockout punch. 
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