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6 iPhone apps that will keep your kids busy

Kids are a tech-savvy lot. In fact, some of them can use some gadgets way better than their parents. Therefore, you can turn your iPhone into a fun zone for your kids when you are out with them and want to keep them occupied. Let us look at some of the apps, which will keep your kids busy.
Bo's Dinner time
An app that is both fun and educative, Bo’s Dinnertime teaches your child about all the steps involved in preparing dinner. They will thoroughly enjoy helping out Bo the Giraffe with his dinnertime activities such as – buying the groceries, arranging them in the cupboard, cooking dinner, arranging the cutlery on the table, serving food, eating food, serving dessert and clearing up the table and washing the dishes. This is not only a fun and interactive app, but it also teaches your child good dinnertime habits.

Adventures of Marvin and Mel Monkey: Word Rescue
Kids love games and Adventures of Marvin and Mel Monkey is the perfect game for them to play on a trip. Even you can join in and earn the highest scores along with your kid. I won’t giveaway much (as it will spoil the fun) about this addictive game which features various levels of difficulty in word formation, 10 unique levels and 4 destinations (Madagascar, Hawaii, Arctic and Thailand) and the option to unlock various bonus levels. Your kids will thoroughly enjoy this fun and engaging game consisting of colorful characters and game scenes.

Card Studio
Let your kids explore their creativity with the Card Studio app. The app is quite simple and kid-friendly as they can use basic touch gestures to make unique cards for different occasions. In fact, it consists of various theme based packages that contain solid and patterned papers, embellishments and greetings, which kids can use in order to create beautiful handmade cards and send them to their loved ones.

Wheels on the bus
Wheels on the Bus is a fun and interactive musical book, which is based on the popular children’s song of the same name. Let your child board the bus and enjoy features which delight them till no end. Kids will love to spin the wheels of the bus, open/close the doors, swish the wipers, pop bubbles and enjoy other interactive activities in the app. You too can join them and sing and read along your kids and record their singing sessions as well.

In my opinion this is one of the most amazing apps for kids that I have ever come across. All the kids need to do is blow into the microphone on their iPhone device to inflate the balloon. After this, they have to shake the device and construct the “Balloonimal”. With each shake, the balloon takes the shape of a Balloonimal like fish, T-Rex and snail and is ready for them to play.

Cut the rope
Let your kids join Om Nom – the cute little candy loving monster in this fun- filled game app. This game engages your children for hours with 275 levels and 11 level boxes, as they cut the ropes, catch stars and avoid obstacles in the path to feed Om Nom. Additionally, they will be captivated by the amazing graphics of this app.

The next time you take your kids out on a road trip, or shopping or for a dentist’s appointment, do remember installing these apps on your iPhone to keep them busy.

Author Bio: Alan Hall works at PLAVEB on a number of Creative iPhone Game & AppDevelopment projects. He likes to update himself in the latest technologies in the market by reading about them online. Other than that, he likes to write on various topics and shares his write-ups on different guest-blogging platforms.

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