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Tips for Selecting a Wireless Telephone Headset from PC, Mobile

Some are hesitant when selecting a wireless telephone headset because there are so many and most don't know if they are compatible. Through this blog we will assure you ways to check compatibility and features included with a wireless telephone headset. Before selecting a wireless headset users need to know what their main purpose is. New technology provides ways for using a wireless telephone headset not only for the phone but computer and Bluetooth mobile devices as well. Below is a checklist that will help check compatibility and explain certain features included with a standard cordless headset.

Checking Compatibility - When checking compatibility there are two requirements your telephone needs to have. Both requirements are typical for most desk phones making wireless office headsets compatible with most systems. First make sure that the cord from the handset receiver can unplug from your telephone, this is where the wireless headset is going to connect to. Then be sure that the number dial pad is located on the base of the desk phone and not on the receiver. The wireless telephone headset is going to connect into the receiver port on the base of your phone but you will still have the option to use the telephone handset as it will connect to the base of the cordless headset.

Increased Mobility - Wireless headsets will increase mobility in your office or call center with ranges from 300 - 500 feet. Standard wireless headsets have built in DECT 6.0 Technology and operate on unique frequencies so there is no interference. 
Remote Answering - Most users prefer remote answering which would require the recommended handset lifter. Remote handset lifters attach to the side of the desk phone and physically pickup the receiver to remotely answer calls while away from you desk.

Noise Canceling - All current wireless telephone headset systems include noise canceling microphones which help block out most unwanted background noise. Noise canceling technology is ideal for high volume call centers and loud offices.

Comfort - One of the most important attributes when selecting a telephone headset is comfort. A variety of wearing styles are available including over the head, over the ear and behind the neck. Convertible designs are available for users that are unsure which to select and include over the head, over the ear and behind the neck wearing styles. Most wireless headsets cover a single ear with Monaural designs but there are Binaural designs that cover both ears which helps users that are hard of hearing hear better.

Technology - Most cordless headsets connect to standard desk phones but new technology released just a few months ago allow users to use a single wireless telephone headset for all devices. New multi-connectivity features connect a single headset to desk phone, computer and Bluetooth mobile cell phone simultaneously.

Knowing the available technology and features that cordless headsets offer along with compatibility will ultimately help you limit the selection down. There are hundreds of wireless headsets to choose from so be sure to take a look at our check list above to simplify your selection process.

About Author: Damian Welters, Experienced blogger in new wireless telephone headset and telephone headset technology for the office.

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