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Google Play is the new Android Market

Google is always changing, to make sure that they stay up to date on everything that the market is doing. Keeping up doesn’t always necessarily mean you have to change a brand, but sometimes it does and that is exactly what Google has done with the Android Market. It’s no surprise, considering how many different changes the Market has undergone since its inception. But this new move, changing the Market name, may or may not be what customers were looking for.

The new version of the Android Market is now known as Google Play. It’s meant to showcase the cloud retail idea more than anything else. If you want something, whether it’s a game, an app, an e-book, or a movie, you can grab it from Google Play and, well, play it. Google is also changing the individual digital outlets for content, putting a ‘Play’ in front of it. So now you’ll see Play Games, Play Movies, and Play Books. As for the Android Market name? That will now be the Play Store.
The update will be pushed to devices running Android 2.2 and up, and should land on your device within the next few days. My Device got this Update in Morning.

AuthorMayur Kamble from Don't Touch My Phonn

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