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Amazon Appstore's Free App of the Day, 1/13/2012: Word Ball has promised to make a paid app free every day in the Amazon Appstore, and today's app is Word Ball.

Word Ball is described as follows:

Can you become a Word Master? This fun app challenges your word-building skills in a fast-paced game for Android. Play with friends and beat the top scores. Test your limits by keeping the letters alive and reach the top levels. Gain achievements for different word-building categories. Word Ball will make you a "Word Master" in no time! Are you ready?

Brain-teasing Fun
Word Ball provides a fun brain-training exercise by making you focus and think on your feet while building words as quickly as possible. By concentrating on the letters as they shrink and bounce, the game allows your cognitive senses to react in a manner that reinforces word and pattern recognition. The game features high-resolution display graphics and includes an extensive dictionary with 175,000+ words, as well as an in-game word list.

How to Play
Your aim in Word Ball is to build words with the letters you're given. As you play, the letters will bounce around the screen and shrink, making it more challenging as time goes on. In Classic Mode, you're presented with 26 letters, and the game progresses at a normal pace. In Frenzy Mode, the letters shrink faster. Select Sprint Mode for a different challenge where you will create words out of nine letters for each level.

Points vary by letter and word length. The app's settings let you turn sounds and music on or off and will show or hide game tips as you play.

Achievements and Medals
If you are a true wordsmith, you can kick the game into high gear and collect all of the Word Ball medals. You will receive medals for awesome plays (like making at least 25 six-letter words or 15 eight-letter words in one game). Brag about your skills on Facebook and Twitter, and climb the OpenFeint leaderboards. Note that the Leaderboards only apply to Classic Mode. There's also a detailed breakdown of your statistics and score history.Word Ball has a rating of 5.0 stars in the Android Market, and a rating of 3.3 stars in the Amazon Appstore.

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