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How to Create Google+ Pages, Customize and Share

Google requested businesses hold off on using Google+, and that they (Google) were taking their time to get it right. With the introduction of Google+ Pages, that limitation should now be gone.

At least, it will be gone when people can create their own Google+ Pages. Right now, only the privileged few can do so, meaning large companies like Dell, Toyota, or big names like The Muppets. However, Google has said that it has started rolling out the ability to create Google+ Pages to all users who want to create one today, but as is usually the case with Google's cloud-based service, this is a gradual roll-out, that will take some time.

Eventually, you should be able to go here to create a Google+ Page.

Google has also added Google+ Pages to search results, and a "Direct Connect" feature that will allow users to search for Google+ pages with a "+" modifier to a search query. For example, to find Toyota's Google+ Page, search for +Toyota in Google's search engine.

How to Create Google + Page:

Step 1: Login into you Google+ Account, click here http://plus.google.com

Step 2: Visit here to Create your Google+ Page, http://plus.google.com/pages/create

Step 3: Chose your Category first, to belong your business.

Step 4: After this you Will get a form to Fill out Some Detail Like,
  • Page name (Like mine: New Techie)
  • Website url (Like mine: http://newtechie.com)
  • Business type (Like mine: Website )
  • Page for whome, (Who can visit your Page)

    Step 5: Click on CREATE Button.

    Step 6: Congratulation!!! You page Almost ready....

    Customize your page's public profile

    Your page Almost ready to show up your business to world, but you cant customize to look good as your business theme, lets see how you can do that.

    Step 1: First fill Tagline of your Business (Like mine: All About Technology & Web).

    Step 2: Add Profile Picture, eg: your business logo or any other you like

    Step 3: Click on Continue button.

    Step 4: Now your Page ready to express you business to the world, Chose you circles whom you want to tell about you Page .

    Step 5: Click Finish.

    Step 6: Congratulations on creating your Google+ page.

    You Can Visit Our Google+ Page: New Techie

    New Techie
    on Google+

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