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How to send large files in email

You can send any file as an attachment to anybody via email. Any file? Yes, as long as it meets the size restrictions of your email provider. If you have wrestled in frustration with transferring large files, try these services and tools that make sending large files via email not only convenient and easy but also fast and secure. here are some provider which may help..

Option 1: FileMail is a service that makes it really easy for all of us to send and receive big files in an easy, fast and secure way! this offer our free service to everybody without registration. If you need to send files at work, this have a perfect solution to cover all your needs! Not require registration to send files Have a high upper limit on file size - 2 gigabytes! Be as easy to use as any normal e-mail client Have the possibility to select multiple files with one click.

Option 1: SendSpace is the best way to send large files too big for email attachments to friends, family and businesses, anywhere in the world. We have grown to become the preferred file transfer network for millions of users.Connect big files with people, anywhere in the world! Send large files up to 1.95GB each. Store big files and download when needed Create Shared Folders and organize large files onlineSend file-links to family, friends and colleagues Download big files at maximum available speed, without limits!

Option 1: YouSendIt YouSendIt has close to 15 million users with more than 20 million transfers monthly across 192 countries and is the solution of choice for businesses and independent professionals alike -- the latter including creative designers, photographers, business consultants and media producers.

Over 62,000 corporate users from companies including Ritz Camera, Vmware, Salesforce, Reuters and Kelly-Moore Paints rely on yousendit for the secure delivery of their time sensitive data.

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