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How to Make Sure Your Email Is Not Blacklisted

Whenever your computer connects to the Internet, it is identifiable with a unique number, called an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Your IP address also identifies your pc whenever you send an email. If you send out multiple unwanted emails (spam) to other people, their mail server may blacklist your current email address. Even if you donot send spam, your current email address can beblacklisted for other reasons. To find out in case your email address is blacklisted, you need to find your own IP address, then check it against the blacklists associated with mail servers.

How to Steps:
Step 1: Click on the network link icon. Click "Open Network and Sharing Center". For those who have wireless Internet, click on "Wireless Network Connection" For those who have wired Internet, click "Local Area Connection.".

Step 2: Click "Details" Locate your IP address next to the actual "IPv4 Address" heading.

Step 3: Go to a blacklist-checking web site. These websites check your IP address against dozens associated with mail servers. This service is usually free.

Step 4: Enter your IP address within the blacklist check text box. Click on the confirmation button to check on your IP address. You receive a notification if any kind of mail server has blacklisted the address.

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