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Gmail Labs adds a preview pane to the inbox

Google has added a preview pane to Gmail. Now, just as you can with Outlook, Outlook Express, or some other email program, you have a horizontal or vertical preview pane. To be honest, if you've been using an Android (Honeycomb) tablet, you've been using these preview panes for some time, anyway.

To enable the setting, go into Gmail Settings, then the Labs tab, and finally enable "Preview Pane." Once you do that, you'll see a toggle button in the top right corner of your message list. It will allow you to switch between vertical / horizontal preview and list views (dubbed vertical split, horizontal split, no split).

Vertical split means the preview pane is on the right of the inbox; horizontal split means the preview pane is beneath the inbox.

[Unfortunately, the vertical preview doesn't seem to work in Opera 11.5 build 1074. Sigh.]

In addition, the feature also allows you to adjust how many seconds a user can spend looking at a message's preview before that message is marked as read; the default setting is three seconds.

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