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Facebook Trick : Status Update Via

You might have seen some feeds on Facebook in which it will be displayed below update from some friend as “Updated via iPhone” or “Updated via Blackberry” etc. This is because, when ever someone update their Facebook profile status from some featured devices like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, A line will be added below their update on feeds which display from which device the update was made.

But here is a trick from which you can update from any device of your choice without even having any device.

i.e. You can update your Facebook profile status via iPhone 5 even without having it anyway iPhone 5 is not yet launched by apple. But you can update via iPhone 5. {See Image...}

How Trick Works ?

You can update your profile by using the an app developed on Facebook developers platform , which updates your status message with a fake device info.

Update your status via following devices. Log in to Facebook and open any of these links to update via respective devices.

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