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10 Easy steps to Activate facebook Chat on WP7 Mango

Facebook Chat on Mango OS – Newer Windows Phone 7 update codenamed as “Mango” has included native feature allows its users to have Facebook chat without having to install any third-party app. How could it be?
But unluckily this awesome features i not enabled by default, but if you have tried to enable Facebook Chat directly, you might have noticed a blank webpage that says “Page cannot be found”. So how to fix this Facebook chat issue on WP7 Mango?

Simply follow these steps:
How to Enable Facebook Chat on Mango?
  1. Login to via web browser on your PC/laptop
  2. In the connect option, simply click on “Connect | Manage” link
  3. Now in the next page, choose Facebook from the “Social networking” bar on the left.
  4. Then sign-in to your Facebook profile to connect your Live ID with Facebook
  5. Once you are done, you’ll see a green “check” arrow on the bottom right corner of Facebook’s logo
  6. Save these settings, and then head over to and make sure Facebook Chat is enabled.
  7. If you see “Chat (Offline)“, then simply click on it and it will go online.
  8. On Windows Phone 7 device, setup your facebook account. But if you’ve found something wrong, don’t forget to setup everything from the beginning
  9. On your phone go to the [Messaging] tile >> tap on the three dots on the bottom of the screen >> select settings >> enable the “Facebook Chat” toggle if its off.
  10. Enjoy :)
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