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'What's New in Google+,' new release note section on Google's social networking service

Google+ has something that its users have been asking about for some time: a centralized section to find out about new features.

Since Google has said since the first day of release of Google+ that the project is still a work in progress, a number of things will change, and possibly change quickly (like Google starting to learn that they are indeed making mistakes, such as with their naming policy).

The "What’s new in Google+" section is basically a list of release notes. However, instead of just a dry list of x, y, z were changed in this release, the updates are often YouTube posts explaining the changes.

Of course, no one really wants to go and chase and read a Web page to see what has been changed on Google+. Instead, how about creating a specific blog for Google post, and then we Google+ users can subscribe to the updates via (what else) Google Reader.

At any rate, here's a (what else) YouTube post by Google+ Community Manager Natalie Villalobos below, explaining the What's New section.

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