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New MacBook Air, LED Cinema Display, Mac mini, OS X Lion expected next week

New MacBook Airs as well as a Mac mini, and a new Thunderbolt I/O equipped LED Cinema Display appear to be coming next week, according to reports from different sites. While not mentioned, we'd hazard to guess that Mac OS X 10.7, or Lion, will drop next week as well.

Originally, the part numbers were believed to be for an expected MacBook Air refresh and Mac Pro refresh. The part numbers are now believed to be for a Mac mini refresh, and the aforementioned Thunderbolt I/O equipped LED Cinema Display.

In fact, images of the new Thunderbolt I/O equipped LED Cinema Display, with the URL containing the "MC914" part that had been previously been outed have shown up on Apple's website, according to MacRumors.

In terms of Mac OS X, we expect it to launch next week as well. For one, images are beginning to appear on Apple's website showing the Lion desktop background instead of the Snow Leopard desktop background.

Meanwhile, All Things D is saying that numerous sources are telling them that the new MacBook Air, part numbers or not, is going to appear late next week. The sources said that the rumor sites were off by a week.

Given all that, we'd expect the new Mac mini, new Thunderbolt I/O LED Cinema Display, new MacBook Air and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion to all be introduced next week. New Mac Pros are also expected, but a few weeks later.

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