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Mac OS X Lion release date, MacBook Air refresh still in limbo

It's been nearly two years since the last refresh of Mac OS X (Snow Leopard), and rumors earlier this week pointed to a Mac OS X Lion release date of July 14, coinciding with a MacBook Air and Mac Pro refresh, as well, but none of that happened today.

Nope, not only was there no Mac OS X Lion (10.7) release, there no new MacBook Airs or Mac Pros, either. The Mac OS X Lion, Mac Pro and MacBook Air release have to be right on the cusp, however. Earlier, Mac OS X Lion reached Gold Master status, reportedly on July 1. Meanwhile, MacBook Air shortages have folks pointing to a refresh ... soon ... there, as well.

The next target date? Well, there's no official Mac OS X Lion release date, but given that Apple's fiscal Q3 results are due on July 19, the speculation is that Apple will release the software prior to that date.

Apple has already announced that an upgrade to the new version of their operating system will cost $29.99. The new OS, according to Apple, will have over 250 new features (you can see Apple's list here).

Meanwhile, the new MacBook Air is expected to sport both Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors, and Thunderbolt I/O, as well. As we said, they have to be on the cusp of release, but only Steve Jobs really knows when (ok, we realize that's hyperbole).

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