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India Ranks No.3 In Terms Of Opera’s Mobile Web Browser Usage

So As We Guyzz All Know That How Damn Popular The Opera Mobile Web Browser Is Among The Youth Netizens Of India. Actually I Myself Spent Most Of The Time Surfing Web Through Opera Mobile 11 On My Android Powered Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Pop. Now That Facts Become Very Clear After The Opera's Press Release Of Its Browser Usage Statistics.And With The Advent Of 3G All Over India & Rapid Decrease In The Tarrifs I Myself Move From "Loading Loading Loading" 2G To "Vroooooooom" 3G So It Became Obvious For Us To Move From Our Desktop Browser To Our Mobile Browser

Fast facts about the mobile Web in India:
  • Between May 2010 and May 2011, India stayed at the #3 spot "Woohoo" in terms of total Opera Mini users.I Think The Opera Must Send A Thanxgiving Gift To Me "Just Kidding"
  • The number of page views per user went up from 390 to 430.
  • Vuclip (mobile-optimized video) Well I Mainly Access That Site Late At Night & You All Guyzz Know The Reason Very Well Plz Don't Act Like A Kiddo and Mobile2Day (a mobile portal) are new to the top 10, compared to the same time last year, indicating that sites intended primarily for mobile access are gaining in importance

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