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How to transfer your Facebook friends to Google+ all at once

In recent days most of Facebook user moving to Google+, but they have one big proble to movie there friends from Facebook to Google+, here Tutorial to help you to Move your Facebook Friends to Google+.

Facebook is a tricky devil. They blocked all the apps and extensions exporting user data, but they forgot / can't do anything about their Yahoo! partnership! So get your data out while you still can, otherwise enjoy adding hundreds of friends manually to...

  • Sign up for Yahoo.
  • Go into Yahoo mail,
  • Contacts tab, import contacts.
  • Click Facebook logo, OK to share contacts.
  • Select all your contacts, export all, export as a Yahoo CSV file.
  • Go to gmail, contacts tab, and create a "Facebook" group for your new contacts to land into. 
  • Then "more actions" "import" then import the Yahoo CSV file.
  • Go to Google+ and Circles tab, then "Add and Invite" and they're all there!
It's like magic that you performed yourself!

See Video:  "How to transfer your Facebook friends to Google+"

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