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Google+ app rises to the top of App Store's free apps

The Google+ app has risen to the top of the Free Apps List in the App Store, after a mere 24 hours. It's pretty amazing, but shows that Google might have finally gotten a social networking initiative right.

Yep, "Draw 'n' Go: Awesomeness!" (a game) has been booted from the top slot. Among the other top free apps are 3) 2XL Supercross HD (a game), 4) PlayItYourself 4 (a music app), 5) Happy Park (a game).

Interestingly enough, the top free iOS app, of all time, is Facebook's app. Funny how they are both social networking apps, eh? Of course, the Google+ app (available here in the App Store).

In addition, Paul Allen (the CEO of, not the Paul Allen of Microsoft fame), who has been tracking Google+ membership using an "algorithm" based on surnames and census data, said earlier that Google+ would pass 18 million members on Wednesday.

Pretty darn good for a service that remains invite only.

On the other hand, if you've been looking at the members of your Circles, as we have, how many of the members of your circles are posting updates. Among our circles, only one has (although these Circle members are posting to Facebook). We've also noticed that many of the suggestions that are given to us are also post-less.

So how many John and Jane Q. Public type folks are joining, just to join the latest hot thing, but not using it? It's a good question.

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