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Get Google+ Custome Personal Url

Thanks to Jordi Soler  this site where you can short your G+ Profile's link, for those that doesn't have costumes URL yet.

You can go to http://gplus.to and insert the name you want to have on the URL and your Google's ID (The long number's chain on the URL in your profile)

So instead of having https://plus.google.com/118334989844236236853 or http://profiles.google.com/newtechie
I can have glplus.to/newtechie

Personally, I prefer the http://profiles.google.com/newtechie ... I created this long time a go in my buzz... but it seems that now you can't change it from numbers to name, yet.....

But indee, Google Plus Nick it's a nice tool. :)


You can also follow these steps to get your profiles.google.com/username URL
  1. Click your Google+ profile "About" tab.
  2. Click the blue "Edit Profile" button.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the "Profile URL" section.
  4. Hover over the "Profile URL" section until it changes colour and then click it.
  5. A pop-up will appear giving you two options to set your URL.
The first option is the current numeric URL.
The second option is based on your email address. Select the email address option.


There is no option for profile url on the edit profile screen as of 18 July 2011!


@Brian Justin Dunphy This profile url not in Google+, its is in you Google Account..

Thanks & Regards


There is no option for profile url on the edit profile screen as of 18 July 2011!


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