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Woman's tattoo of images of all 152 Facebook friends a publicity stunt, faked

When we first heard of this, we figured either the woman involved was somewhat obsessed with Facebook (i.e., nuts), or it was a stunt. Apparently, it was a stunt.

The media was all over this story of YouTube user Suzyj87, who purported videotaped the process of having her arm tattooed with the photos of her 152 Facebook friends. First, it seemed sketchy because most people's Facebook friends list is not static. Second, while it's possible someone could be this obsessive in this Facebook-crazy world, it's hard to believe anyone would be that crazy.

Watch the video below.

Source: tech-ex.net Read More Here


I can't believe that someone could try to have a tattoo with such images. I think it's a waste of time and not worthy at all.


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