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Twitter announces improved search

Twitter has announced the TwitPic rival, but that’s not all. Twitter announced an improved search, as well, and partnerships with Mozilla and Photobucket.
The new version of Twitter search will, Twitter said, return “more relevant Tweets” when a user queries for something or clicks on a trending topic. It will also show related photos and videos on the results page.
And, Mozilla has apparently built a new version of Firefox, called Firefox with Twitter. Typing a #hashtag or @username directly into the address bar will search for those and return a search results page to an end user.
Photobucket comes into the announcement because Twitter will be storing the images from its TwitPic rival on Photbucket’s servers, rather than its own. Twitter said it will take “several weeks,” but the feature will allow users to upload and attach a photo to your Tweet right from Twitter.com, as well as Twitter’s official apps. [ image: twitter ]

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