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Scheduled Post now can do at Posterous

Posterous one unique blogging service that does not require the sign up process is now offering a new feature of post schedule.

Posterous is a blogging game on the back exclaimed, with a cutting line for this post can be done only by email, including photo files, mp3 video and other files and the kinds of typical blog features such as changing the template, setting the analysis features, the addition of retweet button, and now there are additional post schedule feature allows users to set when the post will fit on their blog pages.

As well as a very easy way in writing post, the process of this post schedule settings also remain focused on convenience. Users only need to add additional tags to the subject content you post in the subject field in their email.

For instance you will be writing post for tomorrow morning at 08.00, after preparing for the post content, such as text in email body, or attachment image then add a short tag in your email subject field in the form of two front brackets in the text time and closed with two more brackets, for example: ((delay: 1 days)) or ((publish: on 18/03/2010)).

Here’s a screenshot from Posterous blog:
I’ve tried it and of course very easy, which take into account is, use good English and check back a simple and complete brackets and the writing of the date format. This post schedule feature also applies to facilities and editor bookmarklet from Posterous.

To check the schedule post and saw fit to schedule you want, you can see it in manage features, which can be accessed when you have to login to your Posterous account.

In this facility, maybe I’ll try to add a blog account again, what about you? Please try to direct the new facility of this Posterous.

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