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Keep Your self out from a Website -KeepMeOut

Are you Addicted of any Website, you can't Stop yourself to open that website, so this post for you. Today we will look at a service which will allow us to keep us away from a site which we visit often or keep us away from a site with whom we are addicted to.

Just Follow Simple Steps can you can keep your self form a Website:
  • Goto KeepMeOut website first.
  • Enter the address of the website you visit too often (See Image).
  • Bookmark the KeepMeOut alias and use the bookmark to navigate to the website instead.
  • Reclaim your life!
Now On the site address type the address of the site which you visit too often and set the time and click on submit. And Your alias for the site which you have requested will be created. Now bookmark the alias and whenever you want to visit the site open it through this bookmark.And when you Try to visit the site more than once the time is specified you will be shown an message :-

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