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How to Download and Save Gmail Attachments on the Memory Card in Android

Saving an attachment that received through a Gmail account on a Samsung Galaxy S might be a mystery for a lot of users. If you’re not a tech savvy and are not aware of all the features that the Android platform and Samsung Galaxy S can offer, here is a small tip on how you can save any kind of attachment.
Every document received through the Gmail account, it is automatically opened by the ThinkOffice application, either you’re using the Gmail application or the Internet browser.

If your attachment is a document file compatible with ThinkOffice, after the attachment is opened through the application you can click in the menu on the File option and choose to save to the SD card.
It seems that within the Gmail application, the save feature is dependent on file type, so if you have a picture file as attachment instead of a document file, you can click Options and download or preview.
Most of the attachments can be downloaded by using the web browser, rather then the integrated Gmail application.
Still, the easiest way to download and save any kind of attachments on the SD card is to install a third-party file manager.
If you’re not yet familiar with the Astro File Manager, then you should know that this one of the most popular file managers on the Android Market.
After installing the application, simply go to Preferences and select the option that enables browser download.
This option will enable users the ability to save any kind of attachment via Gmail application, so you won’t need to use the web browser every time.
Some users are simply using the Gmail through their web browser thinking that this is the quickest way to save and download attachments on their SD cards.
Still, I believe that the Astro app is a mich better choice, as the third-party application can be used for other tasks too.

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