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Facebook application | New Facebook application is leaking

Facebook is rumored to be releasing a new application for photos. The information leaked on various websites and blogs mentioned technologies, the application will make it easier for users to upload photos.

TechCrunch was first informed claim, for while the application is referred to as ‘Hovertown’ or ‘WithPeople’. The site mentions applications to share the photos immediately released by Facebook. Based on the documents attached to TechCrunch in its report, attendance will increase the activity Hovertown uploading, tagging and sharing photos through Facebook.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph, launch, a number of popular photo sharing applications such as Instagram and Color will be integrated with this application. Facebook was reportedly going to enrich the application with various features of which ‘the location elements’, ‘likes’, ‘comment’, ‘multi-picture mode’, ‘filter’, ‘multi-user album’, ‘face-tagging’ and much more.

Additional note, some screenshots are shown TechCrunch seems to indicate an application built for iPhone. But clearly, this application is for a mobile version.

As social networkingFacebook is now also successfully become a place of the world’s largest photo sharing. Until now, the site owned by Mark Zuckerberg holds some 100 billion images. If this information is correct, you can imagine there will be more people who are interested in sharing photos on Facebook.

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