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Check If Your Smartphone Is Android Wear Ready

The first thing to note is that, at present, Android Wear is built only for Android smartphones. In the future, it’s very likely that Google will humor those rocking an Apple iPhone, but during these early stages, it makes sense for everything to be kept in-house, as it were.

Given the close-up clips we showed you of some of Android Wear’s initial devices, it’s probable that you’ll be wanting to know if your smartphone is Android Wear-ready, and in actual fact, it’s very easy to check. Below, we’ve prepared a very short tutorial on the subject, so if you’re keen to grab a Moto 360 or LG G Watch upon release, be sure to follow the steps carefully.

Step 1: Open up Chrome on your Android device.

Step 2: Next, point the browser to

Step 3: Bingo! You will then be told whether your handset is indeed supportive of Android Wear.

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