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How to Install CyanogenMod 7 on Samsung Galaxy Apollo - GT-I5801

Today I'm providing the instructions for flashing CyanogenMod 7 on your Samsung Galaxy 3 (I5800/I5801) via ODIN.

Before this I want to Recommend you to watch out this Video and See after Installing CyanogenMod 7 on Samsung Galaxy Apollo - GT-I5801 How your Interface Look.


For installing any firmware on Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801(Apollo) you need the following prerequisites:

  • You need to have the Samsung drivers for your Samsung Galaxy 3 GT-I5801 installed on the desktop. To do so simply install Samsung Kies. If you have Kies already installed then you can skip this step. Samsung Kies can be downloaded from here.
  • Make sure you have charged your battery, 50% or higher is preferable. (To be on a safer side charge your mobile to 100%)
  • The next important point is to download the CyanogenMod 7.(CM7.1.0-GT-I5800_Alpha7.rar)
  • Next you need to have ODIN-MultiUploader-v4.252.
  • You also need to have the Galaxy Apollo .OPS file
Make sure you back up all your data, contacts and other information before flashing CyanogenMod 7 on your Galaxy 3 GT-I5801 or GT-I5801

If you don't like CyanogenMod 7 on your GT-I5801 you can Flash your Galaxy Apollo with Android 2.2 Here

Follow the instructions mentioned below:

Step 1: Extract CM7.1.0-GT-I5800_Alpha7.rar file there is no password for this file.

Step 2: Enter Download Mode by pressing Power button + menu button + vol down button simultaneously.

Step 3: Open ODIN and then plug in the USB cable.

Step 4: Ensure that you see something written in ID:COM after connecting your device.(See Image Below)

Step 5: In ODIN Multi Downloader, there is an option "One Package" you need to have that ticked. (See Image below)

Step 6: The next step is the select the OPS and One Package files.
  1. Select the "apollo_0531.ops" file in OPS.
  2. Select the "CM7.1.0-GT-I5800_Alpha7.tar" file by clicking One Package button at the bottom.
Step 7: Click on Start wait till your phone restart and Showing Clockworkmode.

  1. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset with the help of Volume up/Down buttons.
  2. Select Yes with the help of Volume Up/Down buttons.
  3. Now Select Reboot System Now.
Step 8: See Pass in ODIN before you unplug your phone.(See Image Below)

Step 9: Congratulation!! Now you have CyanogenMod 7 on Samsung Galaxy Apollo - GT-I5801

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This Video Help you to install CyanogenMod 7 on Samsung Galaxy Apollo - GT-I5801.