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What is DNS Management?

If you thinking to be Run your Own website. Before take any Action this side you must need to How you Manage your website with your Domain and Hosting. Before I Launched my I always think Its too easy Just Purchase Domain and Hosting and my Website Run all over Internet, But I’m wrong Here I got many Problems to Manage all of thing (Domain, Records, Hosting, etc.). But Now I think to Every Techie People like you Know Actually What is DNS Management.

What is DNS Management?

DNS stands for Domain Name System and refers to how computers locate other computers on the Internet.  Using using our web-based DNS Management, you may add, remove and edit:
If you have a domain registered with us, but want to host your website elsewhere, DNS management allows you to configure DNS Records to point your domain to the proper location. Using just your web browser, you have total control over the DNS records for your domain without the hassle or cost of maintaining your own DNS server.
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